Board Policies

Board of Education policies are statements or guidelines that provide guidance and direction to school employees. Please note that the district is in the process of transitioning to a new policy manual based the Erie 1 BOCES Policy Service. As a result, two numbering systems are currently in place, one for the new policy manual and another for policies in place prior to 2015. Use the links below to access a particular section of Board policy.

Board Policies in the New Manual

Policies in the Pre-Existing Manual (Remaining in Effect)

Board Policies in the New Manual

Series 1000: By Laws

Series 2000: Internal Operations

Series 3000: Community Relations

Series 4000: Administration

Series 5000: Non-Instructional/Business Operations

Series 6000 Personnel

Series 7000: Students

Series 8000: Instruction

Policies from the Pre-existing Manual (Still in Effect)

Series 3000: Administration

Series 4000: Instruction

Series 5000: Students

Series 6000: Fiscal Management

Series 7000: Facilities

Series 8000: Support Services

Series 9000: Personnel and Negotiations