Board of Education Policy 6160: Professional Growth/Staff Development

It is the policy of the District that attention be given to staff development programs which are believed to be of benefit to the School District and its students. The Superintendent, in consultation with the appropriate administrative staff and/or teacher committees will arrange staff development opportunities which will provide for the selection of subjects pertinent to the curriculum and well-being of the students in the schools, to build from these subjects those topics or courses for staff development which will help teachers acquire new methods of performing their job responsibilities or help staff improve on those techniques which are already being used in the schools, with the objective of improving professional competencies.

Meaningful in-service and/or staff development programs will be aimed at achieving the following:

a) Contribute to the instructional program of the schools;

b) Contribute to improved education for students;

c) Improving the health, safety, and emotional well-being of students;

d) Achieve state mandates; and

e) Enhance the professional competencies and/or instructional abilities of staff members.

The Board of Education encourages all employees to improve their competencies beyond that which they may obtain through the regular performance of their assigned duties. Opportunities shall be provided for:

a) Planned professional development programs, courses, seminars, and workshops offered both within the School System and outside the District.

b) Visits to other classrooms and schools, as well as attendance at professional meetings, for the purpose of improving instruction and/or educational services.

Attendance at such professional development programs must be directly linked to the duties and responsibilities comprising the job description of the employee. Consequently, teachers and other employees are encouraged to participate in the planning of staff development programs designed to meet their specific needs.

Members of the staff are also encouraged to continue their formal education as well as to attend their respective work-related workshops, conferences and meetings.

Prepayment or reimbursement of registration fees, and travel expenses when appropriate, will be in accordance with established regulations for conference attendance. A conference request form/course approval form must be submitted by the employee and approved by the designated administrator prior to the employee’s attendance at such conference or other professional development program.

Mentoring Programs for First Year Teachers

First year teachers must participate in a mentoring program as a component of the School District’s Professional Development Plan. The purpose of the mentoring program is to increase the retention of new teachers and improve their ability to assist students in attaining State learning standards. The mentor’s role is to provide guidance and support to a new teacher. However, additional mentor responsibilities may be negotiated and reflected in a collective bargaining agreement.

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General Municipal Law Sections 77-b and 77-c
8 NYCRR Sections 52.21(b)(3)(xvi), 52.21(b)(3)(xvii), 80-3.4(b)(2), 80-5.13, 80-5.14 and 100.2(dd)

Adopted June 19, 2018