Strategic Plan & Advisory Councils

A focus on curriculum and programs, environment and culture, and partnerships

The development of the district strategic plan in 2016 initiated a systematic effort to transform student programs and support systems so all students each student is prepared to follow their own unique path to success. This effort involves stakeholders from across the district, working toward a common vision, including aligning technology, human resources, and facilities with the direction of student programs.

The plan has three pillars: Curriculum & Programs  |  Environment & Culture  |  Partnerships

Implementation of the plan is monitored regularly by the administration. It is updated periodically, based on district goals and the work of advisory committees and work groups, in consultation with the Board of Education.

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2018-19 Strategic Plan Update: Goals & Target Dates

Curriculum & Programs: Goals & Target Dates

Instructional Program Advisory Council
  • Provide recommendations on homework guidelines for K-5 students, October 2018
  • Ensure that the Comprehensive School Counseling Plan incorporates Redefining Ready, and provides for multiple pathways to graduation, June 2019
  • Provide recommendations for overcoming barriers to modifying start times, May 2019
District Curriculum & Assessment Council
  • Conduct K-12 Social Studies Program Review and report on areas of strength and need (curriculum, resources, and professional development), May 2019
  • Conduct 8-12 Business Department Program Review and report on areas of strength and need (curriculum, resources, and professional development), May 2019
  • Implement year 2 recommendations for Science & Engineering Technology, as well as year 1 recommendations for the Department of Art & Design and World Language, June 2019
Professional Learning Committee
  • Increase Attendance and offerings through Nisky Academy, June 2019
  • Strengthen mentoring program by offering professional development for mentors, as well as opportunities for mentors to get together and share practice during the year, June 2019
  • Address the needs of faculty and staff identified in 2018 technology survey by hosting a professional development day focused on educational technology, March 2019
Elementary Response to Intervention Committee
  • Formally implement the RTI plan in K-3 Reading, June 2019
  • Administer K-1 Math benchmarking assessment using AimsWeb, June 2019
District Instructional Technology Committee
  • Deployment of 1-1 Chrome books at 6th grade level, September 2019
  • Document and report learnings, feedback, best practices,and measurements of impact from 6thgrade teachers and students to inform future technology implementations, June 2019
  • Provide professional development for high school staff to prepare for deployment of 1-1 chrome books for all 10thgraders in the 2019-2020 school year, June 2019

Environment & Culture: Goals & Target Dates

    Create learning environments that are safe and comfortable for all

    Mental Health & Wellness Committee
    • Determine if existing programs are having the desired impact, December 2018
    • Solicit input from key staff, committees, administrators, students related to existing programs, December 2018
    • Make budget recommendations for 2019-20 mental health and wellness programming, March 2019
    District Code of Conduct Review
    • Convene HS/MS/ES teams to conduct review, October 2018
    • Recommend changes to Code of Conduct to reflect restorative practices, April 2019
    Diversity and Equity Committee
    • Establish a network of K-12 mentors of various ethnicities
    • Develop recruitment plan for community members who may be interested in becoming teachers, June 2019
    • Develop anti-bias recruitment and hiring practices, June 2019

    Partnerships: Goals & Target Dates

    Ensure the sustainability of a world-class educational experience

    Engagement Plan
    • Develop an engement plan for partnerships – identify key partners; create a networking model; develop marketing material; create a rubric to measure success; share best practices; and craft communication plan, June 2019
    • Create a system that rewards employees to both assist colleagues and seek assistance from colleagues, June 2019
    • Engage businesses to think of Niskayuna as a building block of their business model, June 2019