Health Services

The goal of school health services is to maintain optimum health for all children, enabling them to realize their full potential. Niskayuna health services personnel include eight school nurses and one school physician.

Information about physicals

State law requires a physical examination by a New York State-licensed physician for new entrants and students entering grades kindergarten, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. The state recommends that this physical be performed by the family physician. The school physician does physicals only when the family has not arranged for the examination.

Information and forms to participate in sports

All students grades 7-12 who desire to participate in interscholastic athletics must be cleared through the school Nurse’s Office. No student will be allowed to try out, practice or participate with any team without the required physical examination and completed Gray Card. LEARN MORE ABOUT PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS

Required Immunizations

All students enrolled in New York State schools grades K-12 must provide proof of immunizations. New York State Required Immunizations for School Entrance

Medication in School

In order for a school nurse to administer medication during school hours, either prescription or over the counter, the following are required by the State of New York:

1. An order from a licensed prescriber including name of medication, dosage and time to be administered;
2. Parent/Guardian permission to administer the medication;
3. The parent/guardian must assume the responsibility to have the medication delivered directly to the school nurse in a properly labeled original container.

Students who have been diagnosed with severe allergies or asthma may need to carry emergency medications on their person. This is permissible and highly advised. The physician may complete a release to self-medicate form. The school nurse will keep this on file. Please contact your child’s school nurse for necessary forms.

Keeping Children Home from School Due to Illness

Students are expected to attend school every day. However, illness often prevents students from attending school at various times throughout the year. It can be difficult for parents to know whether or not to send their children to school. These district guidelines may help parents make this decision. READ GUIDELINES

First Aid

Basic first aid is rendered to all who may require it. If the injury is extensive, a paramedic call may be made to transport the student for medical attention. Accident/incident reports are made on all serious injuries.


School district accident insurance covers students for accidents that occur during school activities. It is non-duplicating coverage, meaning the family must first file with its own health and accident insurance plan. Forms for medical expenses that are not thus covered may be obtained from the school nurse at the child’s school.

Working Papers

Students may obtain their 14-15 year old or 16-17 year old working papers in the Nurse’s Office. A parent completed application is required and students must have a valid physical dated within one year of the application. This must be done before the end of the school year. Please see your school nurse to get an Application for Employment Certificate or you can access the state’s Application for Employment Certificate here. Working papers may be obtained in the main office during July and August.