Keeping Children Home from School Due to Illness – School District Guidelines

A student should not attend school if:

  • A fever (100 degrees or greater) is present
  • The child has a cold with persistent heavy nasal drainage
  • A persistent uncontrollable cough is present
  • The child has a very painful sore throat or a sore throat lasting longer than 24 48 hours and is getting worse
  • Vomiting occurs before school
  • An unidentified rash is present
  • He or she generally does not feel well

The role of the school nurse is to assess a student’s condition through objective and subjective data in order to make appropriate decisions and recommendations to parents/guardians about illnesses or injuries occurring during the school day and when to seek out medical evaluation and treatment. Please do not send students to school sick and then have them come to the nurse to be diagnosed. Do not administer medication to lower abnormal temperatures so that they may attend school. The risk of spreading an illness is detrimental to staff and students in the building. Please do not send sick children to school to take an exam and tell them to go to the nurse after it is done. Students should be feeling well when they take exams, otherwise it will not benefit the student. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your school nurse’s office.