Niskayuna’s Counseling Program provides comprehensive and sequential services to all students in grades K-12.

High School Counseling

The High School Counseling Department is committed to providing a caring and supportive program that inspires our students to develop academically, socially, and emotionally. We provide resources to help them become strong responsible citizens who are well prepared for a diverse and ever changing world. Visit the high school counseling page

Middle School Counseling

Each Counseling Center is staffed by two school counselors, a psychologist, and a secretary. The counselors assist students in every way possible to meet success while in middle school. Counseling is a service designed to help all students to identify and achieve personal goals. Visit the middle school counseling page

Elementary School Counseling

Elementary counseling attempts to help all children get the most out of school. Your support and cooperation can help make your child’s school years a rewarding experience. We hope that parents and students feel free to use these services and we look forward to working with you. Visit the elementary school counseling page