Middle School Counseling

The Niskayuna K-12 Counseling Department is committed to providing a caring and supportive program. We inspire our students to develop academically, socially, and emotionally to become strong and responsible citizens who are well prepared for a diverse and ever changing world.

The Counseling Department for the Niskayuna Central School District advocates for each student through transitions. We strive to provide continuity through academic, career, personal, and social development.

School counselors have a wealth of knowledge and experience which allows us to collaborate with families to holistically meet the needs of our school community in order to maximize student potential.

School counselors have an appreciation for the dignity and worth of each person we encounter. We advocate a philosophy of acceptance and compassion for all by inspiring our school communities to create an environment of self- discovery.

Counseling Center Staff

Each counseling center is staffed by two school counselors, a psychologist, and a secretary. The counselors assist students in every way possible to meet success while in middle school. Counseling is a service designed to help all students to identify and achieve personal goals. The activities of the counseling program focus on six basic areas:

  • Academic success
  • Personal and social growth
  • Intervention and prevention
  • Transition and orientation
  • Career education

Parent/Teacher Support and Consultation

What do school counselors do?

  • Help students deal with issues brought into school from home and outside the classroom;
  • Serve as a source of knowledge on student’s developmental needs for parents, teachers and administrators;
  • Provide guidance to students for academics, career and social/emotional issues;
  • Work to promote positive relationships and learning environments;
  • Offer a variety of programs to help students in their adjustment and positive feelings about themselves, such as Banana Splits, Loss Group, Career Day, Lunch Group and Homework Help; and
  • Help students transition to middle school and high school.

All students meet with their school counselor at least once a year, either individually or in a group. Students remain with the same counselor throughout middle school to allow for development of a close and supportive relationship.

Counselors also supervise the orientation programs for all incoming sixth grade students and assist in organizing programs for all eighth grade students transitioning to the high school. The seventh grade Career Day is coordinated by the counselor of the seventh grade students for that year.

Counselors serve as both a resource and a support for parents and teachers, facilitate parent and team conferences, initiate referrals to outside resources and promote communication between home and school.

In addition, the counseling center manages student records, issues working papers, and coordinates orientation activities for student new to the district. Any middle school student who has moved into the district is requested to register at the counseling center. Additionally, families who are experiencing financial hardship, having trouble buying school supplies, or paying for student field trips should contact a school counselor to help to work it out.

Individual appointments may be made to discuss any school related or personal issues. Students are encouraged to visit the counseling center any time. The counseling staff looks forward to seeing you!

Working Papers

Students may obtain their 14-15 year old or 16-17 year old working papers in the Nurse’s Office. A parent completed application is required and students must have a valid physical dated within one year of the application. This must be done before the end of the school year. Please see your school nurse to get an Application for Employment Certificate or you can access the state’s Application for Employment Certificate here. Working papers may be obtained in the main office during July and August.