Environment & Culture Advisory Council (ECAC)

The Environment & Culture Advisory Council (ECAC) was established by the Superintendent of Schools in the spring of 2016 to bring together a cross-section of the school community to examine, and ultimately develop an action plan to address, a variety of factors related to school culture and the well-being of students. ECAC membership includes parents, teachers, administrators, community members and students.


2018-19 Meetings & Minutes

2017-18 Meetings & Minutes

Niskayuna Diversity Goals

The district developed a set of diversity goals in the spring of 2016. Read the Niskayuna Central School District Diversity Goals

ECAC Subcommittees

ECAC has established three subcommittees that are currently working in priority areas: diversity, health, and events. The three subcommittees work between each general meeting and share updates when the full group comes together.


Co-chairs: Neysha Johnson-Byrd, neyshaw@yahoo.com and Alyssa Zelkowitz, azelkowitz@niskyschools.org

The diversity subcommittee is working with our district’s Equity Coordinator to make sure our schools are meeting the needs of each child.

Mental Health and Wellness

Co-chairs: John Moskov, jmoskov@niskyschools.org and Jeanne Sosnow, jms125@hotmail.com

The initial focus of the health subcommittee is mental health. This subcommittee is working on the following:

  • Social-emotional curriculum with regard to coping skills
  • A positive focus on pro-social behaviors, not just anxiety
  • Professional development opportunities for staff to focus on on various issues related to mental health and wellness


Co-chairs: Humera Khan, Humerak19@gmail.com and Samhita Koduri, Samhik19@gmail.com

The events subcommittee will work with the other subcommittees of ECAC to support them with their events, as well as spread the word about various events and activities in the community.