Board of Education Policy 5691: Communicable Diseases


Whenever, upon investigation and evaluation, a student in the public schools shows symptoms of any communicable or infectious disease reportable under the public health law that imposes a significant risk of infection of others in the school, he/she shall be excluded from the school and sent home or to a parent approved location immediately, in a safe and proper conveyance. The District will adhere to public health law guidelines in notifying the proper local public health agency of any disease reportable under the public health law.

Following absence on account of illness or from unknown cause, the school district may require that the school physician or school nurse examine any student returning to a school without a certificate from a local public Health Officer, a duly licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.  Students may not return to school after illness including vomiting and/or fever until a 24-hour period of time has elapsed since exhibiting those symptoms.

The Director of School Health Services, or other health professionals acting upon direction or referral of the director, may make evaluations of teachers and any other school employees, school buildings and premises as, in their discretion, they may deem necessary to protect the health of the students and staff.

Regulations and procedures will be developed for dealing with communicable diseases (including, but not limited to, pandemic flu) in ways that protect the health of both students and staff while minimizing the disruption of the education process.


 Education Law Section 906

8 NYCRR Sections 136.3(h) and 136.3(i)

Adopted December 12, 2023