Policy 7350: Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment as a means of discipline shall not be used upon a student by any teacher, administrator, officer, employee or agent of this School District. 

Whenever a school employee uses physical force against a student, the school employee shall immediately report the situation to his/her Principal/Supervisor. The Principal/Supervisor shall, within the same school day, make a report to the Superintendent describing in detail the circumstances and the nature of the action taken. 

The Superintendent of Schools shall submit a written report semi-annually to the Commissioner of Education, with copies to the Board of Education, by January 15 and July 15 of each year, setting forth the substance of each written complaint about the use of corporal punishment received by the Niskayuna Central School District authorities during the reporting period, the results of each investigation, and the action, if any, taken by the school authorities in each case.

8 NYCRR Sections 19.5, 100.2(l)(3), 200.15(f)(1) and 200.22(d)

Adopted February 14, 2023