Board of Education Policy 5330: Budget Implementation and Transfers

The administration of the annual budget is an executive function, which is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools and the administrative staff. Under the direction and control of the superintendent, funds may be expended within budgetary appropriations without further action by the Board of Education. Extra-budgetary expenditures shall require prior board approval.

The transfer of funds between and within functional unit appropriations of the general fund may be required during the school year. The superintendent, in accordance with the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, is authorized to make budget transfers as follows:

1. any amount may be transferred within the same function and object code without board approval or notice to the board;
2. amounts under $10,000 may be transferred from one function code to another with notice to the board, but do not require board approval;
3. amounts greater than $10,000 transferred from one function code to another require board approval.

During the fiscal year, budget categories shall be examined and the year end status of each shall be estimated. Appropriate amounts shall be transferred from those categories in which a surplus is anticipated into those in which a deficit is anticipated as permitted by law.

Prior Policies 6140 “Budget Implementation” and 6150 “Budget Transfers” were adopted February 26, 1996; were combined, renumbered and retitled as Policy 6145 “Budget Implementation and Transfers” and amended December 15, 2008. Policy 6145 was renumbered to Policy 5330 on February 26, 2019

Ref: 8 NYCRR 170.2(l)