Board of Education Policy 6430: Employee Activities

Political Activities

The Board of Education recognizes the right of its employees, as citizens, to engage in political activities and to exercise their constitutionally-protected rights to address matters of public concern.

However, a District employee’s constitutional rights to raise matters of public concern are limited when the speech or action occurs on school grounds and/or during school times. When such speech or action occurs on school grounds and/or during school time, the Board of Education can impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of the speech or action, and can further regulate the content of such speech when it materially imperils the efficient operation of the school.

Teachers may not use their classrooms or school surroundings as a means to promote their personal political views and beliefs. However, teachers are encouraged to address issues of current events for their instructional and informational value to students. With administrative approval, public and/or political figures may be invited to visit the classroom as a community resource, and to motivate students to participate in the political process.

Solicitations by Staff

Staff members shall not be engaged in advertising or commercial solicitations on school time, except as authorized by the Superintendent and/or designee.

Adopted May 28, 2019