Board of Education Policy 7410: Extracurricular Activities

The Board of Education recognizes the educational values inherent in student participation in the extracurricular life of the school, and commits itself to the recruitment and assignment of staff for the formation of student groups that enhance the value of the Niskayuna school experience.

Recognizing that student activities are a part of the school program, the Board requires that student activities have educational value and be managed in a professional manner.

The following guidelines will govern student activities programs:

a)  Written guidelines and procedures regulating the creation, organization, administration and dissolution of student activity programs will be developed at the elementary, middle and high school levels;

b)  The expenses involved in participating in any student activity and in the total program for a school year should be set so that a majority of the students can participate without financial strain;

c)  Activities must be open to all students, regardless of religion, sex, national origin, race, marital status or disability;

d)  Activities should be held after classes are dismissed, or at an appropriate time approved by the Building Principal; and

e)  Activities shall be conducted under the supervision of an assigned staff member or non-staff member approved by the Principal and Superintendent of Schools.

Limited Open Forum

The Board of Education maintains a limited open forum where secondary students may meet for voluntary student-initiated activities unrelated directly to the instructional program, regardless of religious, political or philosophical content.

To provide “a fair opportunity” to students who wish to conduct a meeting, the Board of Education, in accordance with the provisions of the Equal Access Act, shall ensure that:

a)  The meeting is voluntary and student-initiated;

b)  There is no sponsorship of the meeting by the school, the government, or its agents or employees;

c)  Employees or agents of the school or government are present at religious meetings only in a nonparticipatory capacity;

d)  The meeting does not materially and substantially interfere with the orderly conduct of educational activities within the school; and

e)  Non-school persons may not direct, conduct, control, or regularly attend activities of student groups (20 USC Section 4071[c]).

The Board prohibits student organizations whose activities may be unlawful or may cause disruption or interference with the orderly conduct of the educational process.

Administration is responsible for establishing regulations governing the use of school facilities by student organizations.

Eligibility for Attendance

a)  Students who are suspended from school on a day of an athletic game or practice session, party, school dance, or other school affair scheduled after regular school hours are not eligible for participation or attendance at such events.

b)  Per District Attendance Policy and the Niskayuna School District Code of Conduct, participation in any activity/club requires attendance in school on that particular day.  Failure to report to school by homeroom, and remain in school for the duration of the day, without permission from one of the principals, will result in the disqualification of participating in any school- sponsored event on that day.

Equal Access Act, 20 USC Sections 4071-4074

Education Law Sections 1709 and 1709-a, 2503-a and 2554-a

Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 142

8 NYCRR Part 172

Adopted July 14, 2017