Board of Education Policy 8260: Title I Parent and Family Engagement

The District will collaborate with family members to help students participating in Title I programs reach their full academic potential and to improve the District’s overall academic quality. As part of its collaboration, the District will conduct outreach; plan and implement programs, activities, and procedures for parent and family member engagement; and consult meaningfully and family members.

Parental/Legal Guardian Involvement

To facilitate parent and family participation, the District will:

1. Involve parents in the joint development of the Title I plan. Family comments critical of the plan shall be submitted to the State Education Department each time the plan is filed.

2. Provide necessary coordination, technical assistance or other support needed to assist each Title I school in planning and implementing family engagement activities (including joint study of how funds are spent, development of a written family involvement plan and communication of such plan) to improve student performance.

3. Build each Title I school’s and parents’ capacity for strong family member involvement through implementing and encouraging participation in appropriate activities.

4. Coordinate and integrate family member involvement strategies under other programs and activities that encourage and support parents and family members in more fully participating in the education of the child.

5. Conduct, in conjunction with family members, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parent and family member engagement policy.

6. Provide and periodically update all policies and plans pertaining to family member involvement.

7. Assist family members to help them better understand curricula, student achievement, standards, assessments and other relevant information.

8. Provide materials and training to help family members work with the student to effectively impact their academic achievement.

9. Educate District staff about the value and use of family member engagement.

10. Educate District staff on methods to reach out to, communicate with and work with parents as equal partners to build ties between family members and school.

Each Title I school within the District shall establish building level school/parent involvement plans to include the following:

1. All family members of Title I students shall be invited to an annual meeting to inform parents of their schools’s participation in Title I programs and the rights parents have under such programs.

2. Annual meetings regarding family member involvement shall be offered at flexible times and transportation, child care or home visits may be provided through the use of Title I funds.

3. Involving parents in an organized, ongoing and timely way in the planning review and improvement of Title I programs, including the review and editing of the family member involvement policy.

4. Providing timely information about programs to family members, including descriptions/explanations of curriculum assessment, expectations in terms of proficiency levels, opportunities for regular meeting when needed, and their rights regarding decision making about the child’s program.

5. Developing a school-family compact jointly with parents that includes an understanding of shared responsibility for student success. Such a compact shall include:

a. a description of the schools’ responsibility to provide high quality learning, curriculum and instruction I a supportive and effective learning environment.

b. a description of the ways in which each family member will be responsible for supporting the student’s learning such as monitoring attendance and homework and by participating in their student’s classroom and other school activities

c. a statement addressing the importance of communication between teachers and family members on an ongoing basis including, but not limited to, annual parent teacher conferences and volunteer opportunities.

Comparability of Services

The District will ensure equivalence among its schools of the same grade span and levels of instruction with regard to teachers, administrators, and auxiliary personnel, as well as equivalence in providing curriculum materials and instructional supplies in Title I programs.

Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as reauthorized by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015
20 USC §§ 6318 and 6321
34 CFR Parts 74-86, 97-99, and 200

Adopted February 14, 2017
Updated: July 6, 2021