Board of Education Policy 3130: Public Comment at Board Meetings

Board of Education meetings are business meetings of the Board that are held in public.  On each regular agenda, the Board of Education has set aside time for district residents and staff members to comment on school related matters.

The Board values and welcomes civil, respectful statements and clear, concise communications that inform its deliberations. The Board uses the public comment period as an opportunity to listen to citizen concerns, but it is not a time to debate issues or enter into a question-and-answer session.

Prior to the scheduled starting time of the meeting, persons wishing to address the Board shall so advise the Board President in writing on a form provided by the District. Such form shall require the name and address of the speaker, the name of the organization represented (if any), and a brief description of the topic to be addressed.

It is important that no person addressing the Board discuss concerns or complaints about individual Board members or employees or students of the District. All such matters are appropriate for Executive Sessions only, and should be first addressed to the appropriate individual or supervisor, not initiated during a Board meeting.

Speakers are encouraged to provide the Board with a written copy of their comments and other appropriate supporting documentation, but it is not required.

Persons addressing the Board are asked to limit their comments to three (3) minutes.  Up to thirty (30) minutes for public comment shall be scheduled at the beginning of each regular Board meeting. The period may be extended by a majority vote of the Board.

Prior Policy 2370 “Public Participation at Board Meetings” adopted Feb. 26, 1996; renumbered 1230, title changed to “Public Comment at Board Meetings” and amended Nov. 15, 2004;  reviewed and renumbered 3130 Dec. 12, 2017; revised and updated January 4, 2022.

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