Board of Education Policy 7520: Accidents and Medical Emergencies

Procedures shall be established and maintained by the Superintendent for the handling of student injuries and medical emergencies that occur on school property and during school activities.

Student Emergency Treatment

All staff members of the School District are responsible to obtain first aid care for students who are injured or become ill while under school supervision.

In most instances first aid should be rendered, and then the parent should be contacted to come to school and transport the student to the family physician. Beyond first aid, the medical care of the student is the parent’s responsibility. However, the student’s welfare is always the primary concern, and it is the responsibility of school personnel to exercise good judgment and care under all circumstances.

The Board of Education encourages all staff members to become qualified to give emergency treatment through instruction in first aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Transporting an Ill or Injured Student

In the event of an illness or injury to a student, an ambulance may be called if warranted. This solution will be used after other alternatives, including parent/person in parental relation contact, have been made.


The Board of Education shall approve provisions for all students to be covered by group insurance.

Such student accident insurance policies are to be a co-insurance with family coverage(s) as primary.


Education Law Sections 1604(7-a), 1604(7-b), 1709(8-a) and 1709(8-b)


Adopted February 15, 2022