Board of Education Policy 7132: Non-Resident Students

The Board of Education affirms its primary responsibility to educate children who are residents of the District and who are of legal age to attend school. Non-resident student enrollment requests will only be considered in very limited circumstances. Any request for non-resident enrollment must be submitted in writing to, and approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

Future Students

The children of families who have signed a contract to buy or build a residence, or lease an apartment in the School District may be enrolled within 90 days of the time in which they expect to become residents. In the event that residency is not established within the 90 day grace period, tuition will be charged on a monthly basis beginning with the fourth month of attendance. Failure to establish residency within one year of a student’s date of admission will result in the exclusion of the student from District rolls.

Former Residents

Attending resident students who move may continue to attend the District schools without payment of tuition as follows:

a) Students of any grade who move from the Niskayuna Central School District during the school year may be given permission to finish the semester in which the move occurs.

b) Students who move from the District after completion their junior year may be given permission to remain in the Niskayuna Central School District until graduation.

Specific Educational Placement

Outside districts may present requests for non-resident students with disabilities who may find appropriate educational placement within Niskayuna schools. These requests shall be reviewed by the District Committee on Special Education and have an accompanying request for placement from the district of residence. CSE responsibility for each such child’s program remains with the district of residence, including responsibility for payment for any tuition cost in excess of that for which the district is reimbursed by the State Education Department.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for transportation of non-resident children who attend District schools pursuant to this policy, except that such children may be transported on existing bus routes when bus capacity is available. Advance notice of a request for such transportation shall be submitted to the Director of Transportation. Parents of non-resident students with appropriate CSE placement are not responsible for transportation.

Tuition Fees

Where applicable, tuition fees are computed according to a formula established by the Commissioner of Education.

Education Law Sections 1709(13) and 3202
8 NYCRR Section 174.2

NOTE: Refer also to Policy #7131 — Education of Homeless Children and Youth

Adopted October 22, 2019