Board of Education Policy 1320: Nomination and Election of Board Officers and Duties of the President and Vice President

Officers of the Board of Education shall be nominated and elected by the Board at its Annual Organizational Meeting for a term of one (1) year. They will take their oath as officers at this meeting along with newly elected members.

The elected officers of the Board of Education are:

a) President;

b) Vice President.

Duties of the President of the Board of Education

The President’s duties include the following:

a) Presides at all meetings of the Board;

b) Appoints members to all committees of the Board;

c) Serves ex-officio as a member of all committees;

d) Executes documents on behalf of the Board;

e) Consults with the Superintendent and Vice-President in planning the Board’s agendas;

f) Acts as the public spokesperson of the Board at all times except when this responsibility is specifically delegated to others;

g) Performs the usual and ordinary duties of the office.

Duties of the Vice President of the Board of Education

The Board of Education may, in its discretion, elect one (1) of its members Vice President who shall have the power to exercise the duties of the President in case of the absence or disability of the President. In case of vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President shall act as President until a President is elected.

Education Law Sections 1701, 2105(6) and 2502

Adopted November 13, 2018