Board of Education Policy 5670 Records Management

Records Management is the inventory and management of all records created throughout the district. It is the ongoing process of identifying records, their locations and their retention schedules, and includes the destruction of records when they become obsolete. This management should optimize the use of storage space while providing efficient access to records. The Superintendent will designate a Records Management Officer, subject to Board approval, to develop and coordinate the District’s orderly and efficient records management program. Among other aspects, this program includes the legal disposition or destruction of obsolete records and the storage and management of inactive records. The Records Management Officer will work with other District officials to develop and maintain this program.

Retention and Disposition of Records

The District will retain records and dispose of them in accordance with the Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government Records (LGS-1) or as otherwise approved by the Commissioner of Education. Further, if any law specifically provides a retention period longer than that established by this schedule, the retention period established by the law will govern.

Replacing Original Records with Microforms or Electronic Images

The District will follow procedures prescribed by the Commissioner of Education to ensure accessibility for the life of any microform or electronic records that replace paper originals or micrographic copies.

Retention and Preservation of Electronic Records

The District will ensure that records retention requirements are incorporated into any program, plan, or process for design, redesign, or substantial enhancement of an information system that stores electronic records. The District will also ensure that electronic records are not rendered unusable because of changing technology before their retention and preservation requirements expire.

Arts and Cultural Affairs Law Article 57-a
8 NYCRR Part 185

Adopted January 26, 2021