Board of Education Policy 1110: School District and Board of Education Legal Status and Authority

The Constitution of New York State instructs the Legislature to provide for a system of free common schools wherein all children of the State may be educated.

The State Legislature has implemented this constitutional mandate through the creation of school districts of various types. As a Central School District, the Niskayuna Central School District is organized under and subject to the provisions of Education Law Article 37.

The Board of Education is the corporate body charged with the general control, management, and responsibility of the schools of the Niskayuna Central School District. As such, it possesses those powers and duties set forth in law.

The Board of Education is authorized to act as a body duly called in session. Individual Board members have no authority over school affairs.

Education Law Sections 2, 1501, 1604, 1701, 1709, 1804, 2502, and 2503

Adopted February 27, 2108