Board of Education Policy 4240: Evaluation of the Superintendent and Other Administrative Staff


The Board of Education shall conduct annually a formal performance evaluation of the Superintendent. The formal procedures used to complete the evaluation are to be filed in the District Office, and to be made available for review by any individual, no later than September 10 of each year.

The formal performance procedures shall include written criteria, a description of the review procedures, provisions for post-conferencing, and methods used to record results of the evaluation. The Superintendent shall be granted the opportunity to respond to the evaluation in writing.

All discussions of the Superintendent’s contract and performance shall be conducted in executive session.

Evaluation of Administrative Staff

The Board shall direct the Superintendent or his/her designee to conduct an evaluation of all administrative personnel.

The purposes of this evaluation are:

a)  To determine the adequacy of administrative staffing;

b)  To improve administrative effectiveness;

c)  To encourage and promote self-evaluation by administrative personnel;

d)  To provide a basis for evaluative judgments by the Superintendent and the Board;

e)  To make decisions about continued employment with the District.

8 NYCRR Section 100.2(o)(2)(v)

Adopted October 24, 2017