Board of Education Policy 8230: Guidance Program

A District plan for the K through 12 guidance program shall be filed in the District Office and made available for public review. This plan shall be subject to annual review and revised as necessary in the following areas:

  1. a) Identification of guidance program objectives;
  2. b) Activities to accomplish the objectives;
  3. c) Identification of staff members and other resources to accomplish the objectives;
  4. d) Provisions for the annual assessment of program results.

Guidance Program (K through 6)

A coordinated guidance program in grades K through 6 shall be developed and implemented to:

  1. a) Prepare students to participate effectively in their current and future educational programs;
  2. b) Help those students exhibiting any attendance, academic, behavioral or adjustment problems;
  3. c) Educate students concerning avoidance of child sexual abuse; and
  4. d) Encourage parental involvement.

Guidance Program (7 through 12)

A coordinated guidance program in grades 7 through 12 shall be developed and implemented including the following activities and services:

  1. a) Each student’s educational progress and career plans will be reviewed annually;
  2. b) Instruction at each grade level to help students learn about various careers and career planning skills;
  3. c) Other advisory and counseling assistance which will benefit students such as: helping students develop and implement postsecondary education and career plans; helping those students exhibiting any behavioral or adjustment problems; and encouraging parental involvement;
  4. d) Employment of personnel certified or licensed as school counselors.



8 NYCRR Section 100.2(j)

Adopted April 7, 2020