Board of Education Policy 2210: Committees of the Board


The Board of Education may, from time to time, establish committees whose membership will include no more than three Board members.  The Superintendent of Schools shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees.  Board committees are advisory in nature.  As such, they shall undertake studies and make reports as charged by the Board, but shall not act on behalf of the Board. 


Audit Committee

The Board has established an audit committee to oversee the annual audit of the District, and report on its findings to the Board.


Finance Committee

The Board has established a Finance Committee to oversee the district’s financial planning processes, including budget development, implementation and evaluation; maintenance of dedicated reserves; monitoring of unreserved fund balance; and fiscal reporting and transparency.


Facilities Committee

The Board has established a Facilities Committee for the duration of the Capital Project approved by the voters in February of 2021.  This committee is charged with reviewing progress of the capital project and is set to expire at the conclusion of said capital project, unless otherwise authorized by the Board.


Policy Committee

The Board has established a Policy Committee to review and recommend policies and policy revisions to the Board.


 Education Law Sections 1708, 2116-c and 4601

NOTE:  Refer also to Policy #5572 — Audit Committee

 Adopted December 11, 2018, Revised December 12, 2023