Board Policy 2220 Citizens Advisory Committees

The Board of Education recognizes that it can beneficially utilize the talents, resources, and interests available among the district’s residents to assist in developing the programs needed to maintain quality education in the district.

To this end, the Board may, from time to time. appoint citizens advisory committees to provide advice and reaction about important matters which have special significance for the community.

The Board may accept, reject, or return committee recommendations for further study. Any action stemming from committee reports is the responsibility of the Board. Release of information concerning committee findings shall be the responsibility and the prerogative of the Board. Upon
completing its assignment, each committee shall be given a new assignment or be dissolved.

Committees shall report all suggestions and recommendations to the Board and Superintendent prior to public release. Final reports shall be delivered to the Board at a meeting scheduled by the Board to receive the report.

Cross-ref: 2210 Committees of the Board
Ref: Education Law §§4402; 4601
8 NYCRR §135.3(2)
4315.1, AIDS Instruction
4321, Programs for Students with Disabilities