Board of Education Policy 5323: Reimbursement for Meals/Refreshments

The Board of Education recognizes that, occasionally, it may be appropriate to provide meals or refreshments. Any expenditure for such meals or refreshments must be approved in advance by the appropriate administrator.

Meals or refreshments may be approved when:

a) Officers or employees of the District are prevented from taking time off for a meal due to a pressing need to complete the business at hand; or

b) The District is faced with business of an immediate nature and meetings of District officers or employees are essential at mealtime; or

c) The District wishes to recognize the services provided by individuals to the District.

Examples of events where meals or refreshments may be provided would include, but not be limited to, scoring of standardized tests, negotiations, special executive sessions before regular school board meetings, and superintendent conference days. An example of an unauthorized expenditure would be the purchase of alcoholic beverages on any occasion.

All expenses must be appropriately documented, including the date and purpose of the meeting and the group in attendance.

NOTE: Refer also to Policy #6161 — Conference/Travel Expense Reimbursement

Adopted February 11, 2019