Board of Education Policy 6218: Termination Agreements

The Board of Education will retain its prerogative to inform future employers of the circumstances of any employee’s termination. This includes employees of the School District who may resign their positions pursuant to settlement agreements after having been served with disciplinary charges or told they would be subjected to disciplinary charges. Such termination or settlement agreements often prohibit the disclosure of their terms to prospective subsequent employers, thus preventing prospective employers from becoming fully apprised of the reason(s) the individuals left their former positions and taking appropriate action.

The Board therefore prohibits agreement to any provision in any such settlement which will prevent the District from apprising prospective employers of the reason(s) that an employee has left employment with this District.

No School Board Member or school personnel, with the exception of the Superintendent of Schools or designee, shall make any statements concerning the reason(s) that an individual has left employment with the District. The Superintendent or designee shall seek legal counsel concerning the nature of statements which are permissible in the particular case, prior to making any statement in regard to the case.

The District will also report any serious misconduct to the appropriate authorities, including, but not limited to, the State Education Department and local authorities.

Adopted February 26, 1996 as 9660 Termination Agreements
Renumbered to 6218 April 1, 2019