Board of Education Policy 1650: Annual District Election and Budget Vote and Special District Meetings Including Submission of Questions and Propositions

Annual Meeting:  Budget Vote and Board Member Election

The district shall hold an annual meeting and election at which the district’s qualified voters elect members of the Board of Education and vote on the district’s budget for the next school year. The annual meeting and election shall be held on the third Tuesday in May. The polls shall be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Notice of the time and place of the annual meeting and election shall be published at least four times within the seven weeks prior to the meeting, the first publication to be at least 45 days before the meeting, in two newspapers having general circulation in the district. The notice shall also contain notice of any other matter required by law

Budget Presentation and Hearing

Copies of the budget to be voted upon at the annual meeting and election shall be available in each district school building for district residents at the time of the annual meeting and election and 14 days (other than Saturday, Sunday and school holidays) prior to the meeting. The board shall hold an annual budget hearing at which it will present a detailed budget statement for the next school year and an explanation of any propositions. This public hearing shall be held seven to fourteen days before the vote.

Questions and Propositions at the Annual Meeting and Election

The following rules and regulations shall apply to the submission of the questions or propositions at the annual meeting and election of this School District:

a) Questions or propositions shall be submitted by petition directed to the District Clerk and shall be signed by five percent (5%) of the registered voters of the District who voted in the previous annual election of Board members.

b) A separate petition shall be required for each question or proposition.

c) Each petition shall be filed with the District Clerk. Petitions relating to an Annual Election must be filed no later than sixty (60) days preceding the election at which the question or proposition is to be voted upon.

d) Questions or propositions submitted in accordance with these rules and accepted will be printed on the ballot for the voting machine. The School District, however, retains the right to reject petitions as permitted by law, including but not limited to instances where such petitions are advisory in nature or beyond the power of the voters.

e) The Board of Education shall cause the rules and regulations set forth in this policy to be distributed within the District.

f) Nothing herein contained shall affect the nominations of candidates as set forth in the Annual District Election notice pursuant to Education Law Section 2018.

Questions or Propositions to be Submitted at Special District Meetings

The procedure for requesting the Board of Education to call a Special District Meeting to vote on a question or proposition shall be in accordance with subdivisions 2 and 3 of Education Law Section 2008.

Education Law Sections 1703, 2008, 2018, 2035(2) and 2601-a

Adopted March 8, 2016
Revised:  May 10, 2016