Board of Education Policy 6215: Probation and Tenure


Certified full-time staff members will be appointed to a probationary period by a majority vote of the Board upon recommendation of the Superintendent.

Teachers, all other members of the teaching staff, administrators, directors, supervisors, principals, and all other members of the supervisory staff, except associate, assistant, and other superintendents, will be appointed to a probationary period of four years. The probationary period will not exceed three years for teachers previously appointed to tenure in this or another school district or BOCES within the state, provided that the teacher was not dismissed from the prior district or BOCES and met the required annual professional performance review (APPR) rating in his/her final year of service there. The Board retains the discretion to reduce the probationary term to not less than three years for part-time teachers who have taught for two consecutive years immediately preceding the probationary appointment. Additionally, up to two years of service as a regular substitute teacher may be applied toward probationary service. (This is sometimes referred to as Jarema Credit.)

During the probationary period, a staff member will be given assistance in adjusting to the new position, but the essential qualifications for acceptable performance will be assumed because the staff member attained the required certification or license.

A staff member’s appointment may be discontinued at any time during his/her probationary period upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and by majority vote of the Board. Any person not recommended for tenure appointment will be notified in writing by the Superintendent no later than 60 days before his/her probationary period expires.

Resolutions Making Appointments

Each Board resolution making a probationary appointment or an appointment on tenure will specify:

a) The name of the appointee;

b) The tenure area or areas in which the professional will devote a substantial portion of his/her time;

c) The date probationary service or service on tenure commences in each area;

d) The expiration date of the appointment, if made on a probationary basis. For appointments of classroom teachers and principals, the resolution must state that:

1. To receive tenure, the individual must receive composite or overall APPR ratings of effective or highly effective in at least three of the four preceding years; and

2. If the teacher or principal receives an ineffective composite or overall APPR rating in his/her final year of probation, he/she will not be eligible for tenure at that time; and

e) The certification status of the appointee in reference to the position to which the individual is appointed.

Education Law §§ 2509, 2573, 3012, 3012-c, 3012-d, 3014, and 3031
8 NYCRR §§ 30-1.3, 80-3.6, 80-3.9, and 80-3.10

Adopted May 28, 2019