Board of Education Policy 7523: Opioid Overdose Prevention

To combat the continuing rise in opioid related deaths in New York State and potentially save a life, the Board adopts this opioid overdose prevention program.

The Board directs the school physician to issue a non-patient specific order to school nurses to administer intranasal naloxone (also known as Narcan, among other names). The non- patient specific order shall include a written protocol containing the elements required by the regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The Board permits school nurses to administer naloxone to any person at school or a school event displaying symptoms of an opioid overdose. The District shall purchase and provide the naloxone kits to be stored in the nurse’s office. Naloxone shall be accessible during school hours and during on-site school-sponsored activities when the nurse is present.

The school physician, in conjunction with the school RN, shall develop procedures for the placement, storage, inventory, re-ordering, administration documentation, reporting, and training of the school nurse, regarding the use of naloxone.

The District shall ensure that there is always one backup naloxone kit per building. When a naloxone kit is used, another backup kit will be ordered. Naloxone that is nearing its expiration date will be replaced. The school nurse shall maintain a log of naloxone supplies containing the following information: lot number, date of receipt, expiration date, and location. The school nurse shall perform an inventory check of naloxone supplies monthly.

School nurses shall follow the non-patient specific order and written protocol for administration of naloxone, which includes criteria for assessment and directions for administration. School nurses shall document all administration of naloxone in the same manner as the administration of other medications under non-patient specific orders. School nurses shall report all administration of naloxone to the school physician, building principal and Superintendent.

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Public Health Law § 3309
8 NYCRR §§ 64.7, Part 136
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NOTE: Refer also to Policy #7521 — Students with Life-Threatening Health Conditions

Adopted June 18, 2019