Board of Education Policy 3280: Use of School Facilities, Materials and Equipment

School Facilities

While the District’s school buildings and grounds are maintained primarily for the purpose of educating students within the District, and District uses take priority, the Board of Education recognizes that the buildings and grounds are a valuable community resource and believes that this resource should be available to the community. District facilities may be used for the purposes permitted by Section 414 of the Education Law.

Public use of school facilities may take place during and after school hours only if, in the opinion of the Building Principal, the use will not be disruptive of normal school operations.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish procedures governing the use of District facilities, including the establishment of a fee schedule. A facilities use “handbook” will be made available online, and in each school location, which will outline these procedures.

Use of District facilities will be permitted only when the requesting organization provides the District timely evidence of adequate insurance coverage ($1,000,000 minimum) to save the District harmless from all liability, property damage, personal injury and medical claims and expenses. This requirement may be waived by the Board for organizations that provide substantial support for the mission of the District.

Materials and Equipment

Except when used in connection with or rented under provisions of Education Law Section 414, school-owned materials or equipment may be used for school related purposes only. Private and/or personal use of school-owned materials and equipment is strictly prohibited. The loan of equipment and materials for public purposes that serve the welfare of the community is allowed, as long as the equipment is not needed at that time for school purposes and that the proposed use will not disrupt normal school operations.

The Board will permit school materials and equipment to be loaned to staff members when such use is directly or peripherally related to their employment, and to students when the material and equipment is to be used in connection with their studies or extracurricular activities. Community members will be allowed to use school-owned materials and equipment only for educational purposes that relate to school operations. The Board will also allow the loan of equipment to local governments and other entities that benefit the welfare of the surrounding community. The Board supports such inter-municipal cooperation as it saves taxpayer monies and is a more efficient use of scarce or costly equipment and resources.

The District will develop administrative regulations to assure that use of school-owned materials and/or equipment complies with the letter and spirit of this policy, including a description of the respective rights and responsibilities of the School District/lender and borrower in relation to such materials and equipment.

Education Law Section 414 NY Constitution Article 8

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Adopted July 7, 2016