Board of Education Policy 5680: Safety and Security

The Board of Education of the Niskayuna Central School District hereby declares that it is the policy of this School District to provide a safe and secure environment to all those persons, students, staff and visitors, who lawfully enter upon District property or who travel in District vehicles for the purposes of the District.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to establish and carry out written regulations that will:

a) Identify those staff members who will be responsible for the effective administration of the regulations;

b) Provide staff time and other necessary resources for the effective administration of the regulations;

c) Establish periodic written review of the activities of the staff to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations;

d) Provide an on-going mechanism for the effective review of safety and security concerns of the staff, students and affected public;

e) Provide for reports to the Board of Education regarding the significant aspects of safety and security of the District.

Labor Law Section 27-a
12 NYCRR Part 820, Article 28

NOTE: Refer also to Policy #5681 — School Safety Plans

Adopted March 27, 2018