At Niskayuna High School, we believe that extracurricular clubs play an important role in the culture of our school. Our clubs supplement the academic program, provide meaningful community service opportunities, and allow students to pursue their passions.

Any student who wishes to form a new club should see Assistant Principal Eva Jones, who will provide the interested student with application forms and he will walk the student through the process. At the beginning of each school year we schedule an activities fair where clubs can advertise their activities and recruit new members.

If any parent or student has questions regarding clubs, they are encouraged to contact Assistant Principal Anthony Malizia at or the club’s advisor(s) listed below.

AFS/International Exchange

Kelly Linehan and Caroline Gardiner

Members of AFS support students who are from a different country at Niskayuna on an exchange program. These students have chosen to spend a year away from their family and friends in their home country. Our homeroom deals with the day to issues that these students have.  We deal everything from homesickness to host family placement issues.  The advisors monitor how the exchange students are doing in their classes and provide support and guidance. We make an American family for these students and act as brothers and sisters to them. We plan seasonal events to help the Exchange Students feel more welcome and at home.

Animal Welfare Club

Vicki Walliman

To raise awareness and funds for various organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, Animal Protective Foundation and Homeward Bound, that are dedicated to helping animals in need. Students will be exposed to opportunities for involvement in rewarding volunteer experiences.

Anime Club

James Edgar

To offer students an opportunity to be exposed to Japanese culture, language and art, through the media of anime and manga (movie and cartoon strips).

Breakfast Book Club

Annemarie Ihnatolya and Leah Werther,

The Breakfast Book Club is open to all students who like to read, eat, and chat about books. Our club meets every-other Thursday morning at 7 a.m. in the Library classroom. We often read and discuss a book together, and we sometimes talk about books that we’re reading on our own.

Broadcasting Club

Brian O’Connor

Students will explore TV and studio production opportunities at Niskayuna High School.

Broadcasting Club YouTube Channel

Chemical Demonstration

Jill Paquette

Chemistry Demonstration is meant to share chemistry fun with young students within the community to foster interest in science.

Chess Club

Victor Alcantara

Chess Club provide students the opportunity to play chess in a positive and friendly environment where they can sharpen and improve their skills.

Class of 2018

Kristin Richard and Brandi Weidman,

Class of 2019

Joanna Reader and Christina Deluca,

Class of 2020

Shana Derocco and Stephen Eichfeld,

Class of 2021

Amy Martin and Lainie Christou,

Computer Science Club

Dan Mattoon

Computer Science Club helps students improve their programming skills and learn the knowledge of Computer Science.

Creative Writing Club

Carol White

Creative Writing Club provides a forum for students to explore their skills in creative writing.

Culinary Club

Heather O’Keefe

Culinary Club offers students an opportunity to learn culinary techniques and work collaboratively  in groups to prepare various snacks, meals, and baked goods. Students will prepare  items to donate to local charities.

Debate Team

Kristen Ryan

Debate Team engages students in educated and structured debate with other individuals in the area and around the nation.  Students will develop critical thinking and speaking skills while also learning philosophy and research skills.

Drama Club

Regina Maley

Students in Drama Club will present plays in the fall and spring, as well as acting and stage craft workshops.

Environmental Team

Joe Spollen

Students will learn about, explore, and preserve our natural environment.

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Janice Lindsay

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) is a nationally recognized business club. This club, in conjunction with our strong business courses, prepares students for future careers in the field of business. The FBLA mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

Film Club

Brian O’Connor

Students watch a free film on certain Fridays in the Little Theater. Refreshments and discussion follows. All are welcome.

French Club

Amy Martin

French Club provides an opportunity for students to understand and appreciate French culture, to further spoken French on an informal basis and enjoy social Francophone world activities together.


Stephen Honicki and Kelly Jones,

Gallery Club promotes the arts throughout the Niskayuna community by providing an opportunity for students to learn about and perform the functions of a working art gallery.

Game Club

Mary Cloutier

Students play video games and other games for fun. Students share strategy and discuss areas of interest related to the games.

German Club

Joe Carosella and Tracy Prebish,

German Club members plan and enjoy German games, as well as German food. German Club has a long-standing exchange program with Freiherr-vom-Stein School in Hamm, Germany.

High School Mentors

Kevin McFerran

High school students assist middle school students with homework one day a week to build connections, obtain volunteer hours and assist with basic learning material.


Christopher Jennings

Students will learn about the art and science of growing plants.  They will help maintain a summer garden to donate produce to local food shelters.

IT Student Help Desk

Jesse Fitzgerald

This club will train and empower members to answer questions, provide technical support and help direct staff and students to technology resources within the district.

K.I.N.D Club (Kids in Need of Donations)

What makes our club unique from other charitable clubs is that we are going to be sponsoring a specific child or specific children through an organization called World Visions that allows us to choose where the child is from, the gender, and the age of the child. When we choose our sponsor children, we will exchange letters, photos, emails, send them packages and can even visit! By doing this we create real physical and emotional bond between the school and the children making this experience personal and rewarding.

Key Club

Peter Melito and Mary Eads,

Members of Key Club provide service to the school and community.

Latin Club

Meghan Miller

Latin Club stimulates and promotes interest in the Classics.

Live Expressions

Tracy Prebish

Live Expression is a student-run club which organizes concerts at Niskayuna High School where student musicians can showcase their talent in a live performance  setting. These concerts are a unique opportunity for students to learn both how to perform in front of an audience and how to set up and use musical equipment. All students and all types of music are welcome at Live Expression shows, and all proceeds are donated to local charities.

Math Club

Stephanie Graseck

Math Club investigates topics of math that are interesting and challenging math problems, to take advantage of mathematics in our community, and to develop the talent of solving complex math problems.

Mock Trial

Janice Lindsay

Students in Mock Trial learn about all aspects of the court system through a competitive, trial experience with other Schenectady County Schools.

Model UN

Angela Netoskie

Throughout the school year, Model UN has weekly meetings that focus on practice for Model UN tournaments discussing and debating current historical and world events. When debating, the students are assigned a country or person they will be representing. During the debates, the students should try to present the ideals and beliefs of their specific country or person. Once or twice during the year, members of the club travel to compete in model UN competitions around the northeast.

National Honor Society

Meagan Hughes and Christopher Jennings

National Honor Society website

National Honor Society By-Laws

National Honor Society creates an enthusiasm for scholarship to stimulate a desire to provide service to the school and community.  We strive to promote leadership amongst our members and encourage continued positive character development.

Natural Helpers

Tim Albanese and Karl Swisher,

Participants are asked to join if they have been identified by their peers as someone who has the natural skills to be helpful to their classmates.  Responsibilities include:  welcoming new students, helping friends with problems and referring them to the appropriate professionals.

NICS (Niskayuna Inter-Community Service)

Sean O’Connell and Robyn Salvin

NICS members provide service to the school and the community. The club is involved in picture day, courtyard dance, bloodmobile, daffodil day, back-to school night, awards night, a community service project, etc.


Steve Honciki and Kelly Jones,

Nisk-Art member foster creative writing, art, and photography, and produce the Nisk-Art magazine. Literary staff members meet once a week to read and discuss creative writing submitted to the magazine and decide which pieces will be printed.  Art staff members are drawn from the Nisk-Art club, which meets regularly for field trips, guest artists, and other art-related activities.

Nisky Friends

The Nisky Friends club is student-run friendship club which creates buddy pairs between students with and without disabilities. Nisky Friends is based upon the principles of the Best Buddies Organization, but is not limited to individuals with intellectual disabilities.  We aim to create an inclusive school climate for students and a community culture of acceptance.

Niskayuna Garage

Richard DeSimony

Students build motorcycles from scratch.

Niskayuna Outing Club

Jeff Ormsbee and Tom Caffery,

Outing Club provide interested students opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Nisky PR

This club will offer a fresh, new platform for the high school. Niskayuna High School is a dynamic building, alive with events that include academic offerings, sporting events, plays, musicals, art exhibitions, etc. Nisky PR will create short, informative, school based news/human interest video segments for the Niskayuna community, serving as a conduit to the activities and happenings on campus.

Odyssey of the Mind

Kara McLaughlin and Elizabeth Kenny

A creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment. Participants build self-confidence, develop life skills, create new friendships, and are able to recognize and explore their true potential.

PACE (Political and Current Events) Club

Bryan Mattice

PACE, or Politics and Current Events Club focuses on the issues that are facing the world today.  Through discussing hot button political topics, we enhance our political knowledge, listening to perspectives besides our own. For many students this is an appropriate place to let their opinions be heard and responded to without the consequences of discussing politics one would face normally. Through hearing points from all sides of an issue, many times we are able to reach a solution that we believe will work in real life.

PEP Club

Michele Moscinski and Mary Jane Macpherson

Students in PEP Club help promote school spirit. They help with Pep rallies, in school fund raisers, fall dance, red and gray day.

RAD (Republicans Amongst Democrats) Club

Laine Christou

This is a student-run political club with Right leaning views that welcomes all students of any political party affiliation.  The objective is to serve community and country while pursuing involvement and education regarding the political process. Our focus is on discussion, debates and awareness of various national and international issues and how current events impact our lives.

Raise & Give

Jill Paquette

Members will raise funds for worthy human service causes both in and outside the community including Project Cameron’s Story, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, and AIDS Awareness.

Rocketry Club

Jeremy Lundy

Designed to allow students to explore the science of rocketry.  Students will learn about, build, and launch rockets.

SAPE (Students Advocating a Positive Environment)

Monica DiCocco

Students actively taking a role to improve the climate of the high school.

Science Bowl

Paul Scott

Students will organize and prepare a Niskayuna High School team for the Regional Science Bowl competition which occurs every year in mid-March.

Science Olympiad

Joe Samascott, Peggy Varin,

Science Olympiad is a very active TEAM throughout the year. (This is not a club). In the beginning of the year students assemble to indicate their interest in the team. There are over 20 events that students compete in which are established at the National Science Olympiad each year. (In September they are released and teams must register in their state to compete at a regional level.) The top teams from a region go on to compete at a state level then the top state teams will go on to compete at a national level. The completion is comprised of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Only 15 students are allowed on a team (with a maximum of 7 seniors) and each student must compete in several events.  The students need to study, prepare information relevant for their topic, and build and operate devices. The team practices after school most everyday there is a late bus available.

SCOPE (Student Collaboration of Purposeful Enrichment)

Kelly Millett and Nancy Czachor

SCOPE builds community inside the school by supporting the Academic Resource Center and offering a place for students who don’t know what clubs to join. To build community beyond the high school by fundraising for charities, as well as contributing student-made items during Charity Week each February.

Spanish Club

Caroline Gardiner and Kelly Linehan,

Spanish Club encourages and promotes the appreciation of Spanish culture and language through the preparing of typical foods and crafts, welcoming our Spanish exchange partners and participating in field trips that highlight awareness of the Hispanic culture.

START (Recycling)

Paul Scott

Students organize, coordinate, and implement paper and plastic recycling in the high school.

Student Congress

John Sharkey and Brian Mattice,

Student Congress provides a means of expressing student views, to address issues and grievances brought to it, provide a means through which students may participate in making decisions that affect them in school, provide a means through which students can learn how to create, develop, organize, and direct their affairs in a democratic community.

Tech Club/Robotics

Olga Plotnikov

The Niskayuna Robotics Club designs and constructs robots that compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge completion, an international completion that stresses innovation and teamwork.  The Robotics Club also conducts outreach programs to nurture a passion for STEM in our community.

Visibility- SAGA

Clayton Callahan and Mary Jo Pierpont,

Visibility is Niskayuna High School’s GSA (Gay Straight Alliance). We are here to raise awareness about the LGBTQ community and provide a safe space for LGBTQ people and their allies. We promote acceptance and kindness, while working to end bullying in the school, the community and the world. Visibility SAGA accepts everyone no matter their sexuality or gender.

Warrior Newspaper

James Edgar

The Warrior Newspaper website

The Warrior provides interested students with an opportunity to work on a paper whether it be writing, editing or publishing. Students can also work on advertising, art and illustration, cartooning and photo journalism–excellent opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills.

Youth Court

Members of Youth Court must successfully complete a law-related training program which will take place in October and November.  Members will be trained to assume the following roles on a rotating basis: Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Clerk/Bailiff and Jury Foreperson.  These cases are run entirely by the students and a high level of confidentiality is required.

Yearbook (Crossroads)

Niskayuna yearbook website