Meet the Principal

A Message from Dr. William Anders

Craig Principal Bill Anders stands in the hallway of the school with three studentsAt Craig Elementary School, we believe in the Three Rs (We Can be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn). We know the value of building a caring and strong community of students, staff and families. To that end, parent and teacher communication is critical to the success of each of our students. I thank teachers and parents for keeping each other in the loop when it comes to academic progress and other school related topics. Often an email or phone call can communicate an important message, but hand written notes and conferences are also critical tools in our communication toolkit. Thank you for fostering positive two-way communication all year long.

Conferences are very important communication opportunities. Our school district schedule supports conferences between a family and their child’s teacher. Our fall conference schedule is designed to provide each family with a conference. Our spring conferences will be typically scheduled by the teacher if there are concerns to be addressed. Teachers welcome communication from families during the year and if a family feels there is a learning concern, they may also request a conference. At times, teachers or parents may request the principal to attend a conference to support a child’s learning progress.

Please feel free to call me at anytime if you have any questions or comments. Or, I can be reached by email at Also, you can follow me on Twitter, @AndersPrincipal.

Dr. William Anders