Nisky NOW Food Drive Begins Oct. 16

The 2nd Annual District-Wide Food Drive for Nisky NOW kicks off October 16 and runs through November 3, 2023.

Food collected during this drive supports families for the holidays as well as throughout the year.

Niskayuna High School participants will collect the side dishes for Thanksgiving and holiday dinners. Iroquois and Van Antwerp will collect peanut butter (or sun butter) and jelly respectively, which will be used throughout the school year. (Iroquois and VA will have their 2nd Annual PB v. Jelly contest!)

We are partnering again with the Niskayuna Police Department, as they will assist with picking up the food items and delivering them to the pantry.

Please refer to the list below to determine what items to donate. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Brennan

Niskayuna High School:
Grade 9: Canned corn
Grade 10: Boxed potatoes
Grade 11: Stuffing
Grade 12: Cranberry sauce
Staff: Gravy
Collection location: Back bus loop
Contacts: Michelle Hawkins and Allison Nunez
Pickup Date: 11/8

Peanut butter/sun butter
Contact: Heather Miller
Collection location: Downstairs by main office
Pickup Date: 11/7

Van Antwerp:
Contact: Luke Rakoczy
Collection location: Main office
Pickup Date: 11/6

Canned soup
Contact: Bailey Pangman
Collection location: Front foyer
Pickup Date: 11/8

Contacts: Bill Anders and Dep Shepherd
Collection location: Outside of main office in hallway
Pickup Date: 11/9

Canned fruit/applesauce
Contact: Carly Belmonte
Collection location: Front hallway
Pickup Date: 11/9

Mac and cheese
Contact: Sarah Mae Sinisi and Lynne Felczak
Collection location: Lost and found area
Pickup Date: 11/6

Contact: Jess Brennan
Collection location: Front hallway
Pickup Date: 11/7