How to Apply for NYS 2024 Merit Scholarships

New York State has announced the 2024 Merit Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

The awards will be $1,500 and $500 and are renewable for up to 5 years of undergraduate study. They can be used only at colleges and universities located in New York State. Each high school in the state will have at least one winner of a $1,500 award. Niskayuna High School has been allotted one (1) of the $1,500 awards and seven (7) of the $500 awards.

Niskayuna High School will “nominate” eight students from among those who sign up to be considered. The High School chooses to use Method A, as outlined below, as its selection method.

The High School selects its nominees by computing a weighted average of the scores on the Regents examinations and/or approved substitute assessments taken by the students prior to their senior year, in the subjects listed.

  • The weighting of the scores as determined by NYS is:
  • English Language Arts – weight of three
  • Algebra 2 – weight of three
  • Global Studies and Geography – weight of one
  • U.S. History/Gov’t. – weight of one
  • Science: two sciences – weight of one for each course

If you have not taken one or more of the required Regents, then you cannot compete for the scholarship. Each scholarship winner must be a legal resident of New York State for at least one year prior to September 30, 2023, and must graduate from high school by the end of the 2023-2024 school year.

If you meet the requirements listed above and would like to be considered for nomination for this scholarship, YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH MRS. INGLES IN THE COUNSELING CENTER BEFORE 12:00 PM ON January 30, 2024.

REMEMBER: Niskayuna is guaranteed one $1,500 and seven $500 awards. We will compute averages for all who sign up and will nominate those with the highest averages.