High School MasterMinds team wins State Championship

Update: The Niskayuna High School MasterMinds team won the State Championship, winning all three rounds during the remote competition on June 6. Congratulations to the team!

Masterminds team of 8 students smiling at camera holding up certificates

In the classroom (and out), I believe it’s important to ‘wear your knowledge well,’ club advisor Michael Dickerson said. “These are just bright students who are curious and use the games as an opportunity to learn more and enrich themselves. It’s what I want for all my students.”

The Niskayuna High School MasterMinds team won the Albany Region playoffs on May 24 at Siena College, besting Troy in two of three final rounds. 

The team recently completed a perfect 12-0 run in league play. In April, they defeated Berlin 320-145, Bethlehem 270-210, and CBA 340-120 to clinch a spot in the playoff round.

As a group, the Niskayuna High School team has outscored every team they’ve competed against across Upstate New York, Senior Sam Rodick is the top-scoring player in Upstate New York as an individual.

MasterMinds, also known as “Quiz Bowl,” is similar to competitions like Science Bowl and the Science Olympiad with the difference that it covers all academic subjects. Students from 9-12 compete in teams to answer questions covering history, politics, science, literature, geography, music, and non-academic subjects.

Niskayuna will play for the State Championship against the winners from the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse regional leagues in June.