Nisky students take on Olympics of the Visual Arts

 Niskayuna Middle and High School students recently showcased their remarkable talents at the Olympics of the Visual Arts (OVA), an annual creative problem-solving event hosted by the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA). 

Participating in this prestigious competition, student teams immersed themselves in the intricacies of artistic design, presenting innovative solutions in various categories. Our students demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication, presenting meticulously crafted portfolios alongside their design entries. 

This collaborative event fosters a sense of camaraderie and inspiration among student artists statewide, providing a platform to celebrate creativity and artistic ingenuity. 

This year, Niskayuna CSD received the following awards:

  • 1st place : Architecture:  HS team comprising Eva Meshkov , Shiza Hussaini, Simra Hussaini, Gargee Gore, Olivia Zhou, Shreejaa Senthilkumar, and Soha Kulkarni.  
  • 2nd Place & The Hymdan Creativity Award: Fashion:  Middle School student Rosemary Ottati 
  • 1st Place : Illustration: MS Student Abigail Scherbyn

With a total of 12 teams participating, Niskayuna Middle and High School reaffirmed its commitment to fostering artistic excellence and nurturing the next generation of visionary artists. Congratulations to all participants on their outstanding achievements!