Capital Project Community Advisory Team: Call for interest and nominations

To Members of Our School Community,

As you likely know, the District has prioritized improving our educational facilities through sensible, long-term planning and investment. The current capital project taking place was envisioned as a major initial step in this work, recognizing that it is never possible to address every need and priorities all at once. This letter serves as a call for interest and nominations for membership on a Capital Project 2024 Community Advisory Team.

If you are interested in serving on this critical planning team, or if you would like to nominate someone to do so, please complete the form that can be found at this link.

The district’s long-term plan is to time new facilities improvement projects with drop-offs in our existing debt schedule. This helps minimize the impact of new work on tax rates. Our next opportunity to do this calls for a community vote on a capital project early in 2024. Gathering community input into this process is essential, and this advisory team will help shape the work that is included in this next referendum. 

We are looking to establish a planning team of approximately 15 members, to be joined by the District architects, construction manager, administration and Board of Education members. The committee will include a cross-section of community stakeholder groups, with the goal of having all schools represented. This will involve having participants who are in multiple roles (e.g., a staff member who is a parent at another school), and the form enables respondents to indicate this.

The completed Interest/Nomination Form is due by July 3. An advisory team kickoff meeting will be held this summer, followed by a series of about five evening meetings from September into early 2024.

Community Advisory Team: Interest/Nomination Form

The advisory team’s work will include understanding the scope of the current capital project, evaluating current infrastructure and program space needs and desires, and developing some priorities for the 2024 project and subsequent projects. The process will culminate in a recommendation to the Board of Education. 

The current capital project represents major momentum in achieving our vision for academic programs and care for our school facilities, yet it’s clear that more needs to be done. This advisory team will play a critical role in planning for the education of future generations of Niskayuna students – and we invite your interest and nominations for participation.


Carl J. Mummenthey
Superintendent of Schools