High school Music Department unveils student-designed mural

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On Monday, June 12, the Niskayuna High School Music Department unveiled a student-designed mural installation in the music wing of the high school. The mural was a collaboration with Mrs. Leach’s Studio in Computer Arts and Advanced Studio in Computer Arts Classes from the spring and fall semesters of 2022.

High school music teachers created a list of their favorite musicians from the past to the present, including a variety of instruments. Students chose their musician or instrument from the list and researched their relative time period along with the artistic styles of the time. Listening to music also helped the student artists envision the colors, shapes, and textures that they would use to express their choices.

Students captured the subtle nuances and details of their imagery using Adobe Photoshop software and digital illustration or a mix of effects to produce their artwork.

This exciting project invites the viewer to find each of the musicians and instruments located next to the artist’s names listed next to the mural.