2017-18 Concert Dates

  • All concerts take place at the high school, with the exception of the Orchestra Festival.
  • All concerts involving elementary and middle school students begin at 7 p.m.
  • Concerts with high school students only begin at 7:30 p.m.


Jan. 8- HS Evening in History
Jan. 10- Craig, Orchestra/Choir/Band
Jan. 11- Glencliff, Orchestra/Choir/Band
Jan. 17- Hillside, Orchestra/Choir/Band
Jan. 18- Birchwood, Orchestra/Choir/Band
Jan. 24- Rosendale, Orchestra/Choir/Band
Jan. 31- MS Chamber Strings, MS Stage Band, Mezzo Voce, Symphony Orchestra


Mar. 1-3- HS Musical
Mar. 4- HS Musical Snow Date
Mar. 8- 8th Grade Band, HS Choir, Concert Band
Mar. 14- Bel Canto, 6th Grade Band, Ladies First
Mar. 15- Proctor’s Theatre, District Orchestra Fest
Mar. 20- 7th Grade Band, Concert Chorale, Symphonic Band
Mar. 21- Proctor’s Theatre, District Orchestra Fest Snow Date
Mar. 22- “Creative Harmony”
Mar. 28- Snow Date for March Concerts


Apr. 19- District Jazz Fest
Apr. 27- Shenendehowa Jazz Fest


May 9- Craig, Orchestra/Choir/Band
May 10- Glencliff, Orchestra/Choir/Band
May 16- Hillside, Orchestra/Choir/Band
May 17- Birchwood, Orchestra/Choir/Band
May 22- 7th Grade Orchestra, 6th Grade VA Choir, 7th Grade Band, Grade 7/8 Iroquois Choir
May 23- Rosendale, Orchestra/Choir/Band
May 24- 6th Grade Band, 6th Grade Iroquois Choir, MS Chamber Strings, 6th Grade Orchestra
May 29- HS Choir, HS Chamber Strings, Concert Chorale, Symphonic Band
May 30- Bel Canto, Concert Band, Ladies First, Symphony Orchestra
May 31- 8th Grade Orchestra, Mezzo Voce, 8th Grade Band, 7/8 VA Choir


June 7- Town Gazebo, District Jazz Groups
June 21- Proctor’s Theatre, High School Graduation, Symphony Orchestra