Voters to Decide on Lengthening Future Board Terms to 4 years on May 18

Also on the May 18 ballot, school district voters will be deciding on a proposition to increase the length of future board of education terms to four years from the current three years. Board members discussed this over the last several months as an effort to increase the overall level of experience that board members bring to their roles given the variety and complexity of decisions they make.

The board voted to place this proposition on the ballot this year, as the length of board of education terms is ultimately up to the voters. If the proposition is approved on May 18, it will not increase the current term of office for anyone who is on the board now.

If the Board term proposition is approved, it will take effect with next year’s Board election (for terms that will begin July 2022). However, one seat next year will remain a three-year term for that election only to allow a nearly equal number of Board vacancies each year moving forward.