Modest Budget Additions are Tied Directly to Student and Program Needs

The proposed 2021-22 school budget includes the addition of the full-time equivalent (FTE) of nearly 4 positions based on student and program needs and improvements. These are:

  • Health Teaching Position (0.6 FTE): This will enable the return of the Freshman Health Seminar for all ninth grade students. This course will provide students with exposure to and experience with important topics such as mental health and wellness and managing stress and technology at a critical time in their lives. It will also cover healthy living and decision-making and provide time for counselors to meet with 9th grade students.
  • Director of Wellness (1.0 FTE): This position will oversee K-12 Counseling and serve as an assistant athletic director. This position will provide leadership for counseling services in the district and the implementation of the district Counseling Plan, reflecting our commitment to mental health, wellness and college and career planning. Additionally, two-thirds of Niskayuna High School students participate in interscholastic athletics, and the connection between this participation and mental health and wellness became even clearer over the past year. This position will assist with a variety of tasks in the athletic office from scheduling to supporting students, coaches and families, providing supervision and addressing health and safety issues and requirements.
  • Director of Technology (increasing a contracted position by 0.4 FTE to full-time): As the district now provides all students with Chromebooks and has expanded instructional technology, full-time leadership in the Technology Department is important for future planning and to ensure adequate day-to-day support for all users as well as families.
  • Middle School Special Education Teacher (0.8 FTE): This increase is based on student needs as outlined in Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
  • Typist, Van Antwerp Middle School Counseling Office (1.0 FTE): This is to replace a position that was not filled after a recent retirement and is critical to supporting counselors and their work with students.