NHS Multicultural Fair helps create memories, share culture

Niskayuna Central School District holds its fifth annual Multicultural Day at Niskayuna High School on Friday, March 8, 2024.

Niskayuna High School teachers and students came together to showcase 15 different cultures at the 2024 Multicultural Fair last week.

Students, faculty and staff were able to learn more about those from Scotland, Germany, Bangladesh, Guyana, Greece, Mexico, Spain, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, India, France, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, and Serbia.

Presenters shared food, dances, music, and information about their cultures and traditions with the NHS community.

Lainie Christou performs a Greek dance with students at the Multicultural Fair.

“This has been one of the most successful fairs that we’ve had,” Spanish teacher Lainie Christou said. “Truly, what I really enjoy most is that so many students stepped up and wanted to dance in other cultures.”

Señora Christou also performed a traditional Greek dance. She asked some of her students, who are not Greek, for help.

“They were thrilled to learn a new dance, and that’s really what it’s about,” Christou said. “As a language teacher, I can tell you that makes me the most proud, because they’re all learning the Spanish culture and now they’ve learned about another culture as well.”

Christou believes events like the Multicultural Fair are essential to the Niskayuna experience.

“I think the more we learn about other nationalities, the more appreciative we are of them, especially here in Niskayuna,” Christou said.

NHS senior Brayan Garcia agrees.

Brayan Garcia performs a Mexican Polka dance with his sister Lesly at the Multicultural Fair.

“Niskayuna is has many cultures and today is a day to just learn about our classmates cultures and learn something new,” Garcia said.

Garcia also performed a traditional Mexican Polka dance with his sister Lesly.

“This is my last year, so I really wanted to do something special with my sister,” Garcia said. “I think this will be a memory I will hold for a long time.”