Middle School Resources

Code of Conduct

View the Niskayuna K-12 Code of Conduct

Homework Guidelines

The middle school homework guidelines were developed cooperatively by teachers, parents, students, and administrators. A sense of teamwork and shared mission made these guidelines possible, and will ensure their successful use. Read the middle school homework guidelines.

Counseling Center

The Niskayuna K-12 Counseling Department is committed to providing a caring and supportive program. We inspire our students to develop academically, socially, and emotionally to become strong and responsible citizens who are well prepared for a diverse and ever changing world. Visit the middle school counseling page.

Nurse/Health Information

The goal of school health services is to maintain optimum health for all children, enabling them to realize their full potential. Niskayuna health services personnel include 11 school nurses and one school physician. Visit the health services page.

Interscholastic Sports

The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is the mechanism to provide for students in grades 7-12 to safely participate at an appropriate level of competition based upon readiness rather than age and grade. Read more on the selective classification process.