Graduation cap and gown orders

Cap and Gown Information

Dear Student and Parent of the Class of 2023,

You are now able to order your cap and gown unit from Herff Jones, our exclusive graduation apparel provider. This unit includes the cap, the gown and a tassel. The unit will cost $27 in total (tax included). If you are using a cap and gown from a sibling, you MUST notify Mr. Bianchi as soon as possible. If you wish to purchase only a tassel, the price is $8.00. These should be ordered directly from Mr. Bianchi’s office (located inside the Counseling Center). Please note that if you are a member of our National Honor Society Chapter, you will be receiving a gold tassel free of charge from the high school.

Orders may only be placed online through the link provided below or by check through Mr. Bianchi. All orders must be placed by January 31, 2023. After this date, a $10 late fee will apply. If you are purchasing by check, checks must be made out to Herff Jones.

There are two different color options to choose from when ordering your cap and gown on  the Herff Jones site Option A is red, and Option B is silver. Traditionally males wear silver, and females wear red, but you may choose whichever color you desire.

Cap and gown units, and tassels will be delivered to the high school and distributed on graduation rehearsal day on June 16, 2023. All other items that you may wish to purchase from Herff Jones, will be sent directly to your home address.

Click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page for the cap and gown unit: From there you are welcome to browse the other graduation products offered by Herff Jones.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bianchi at 518-382-2511 ex. 21759 or at