Board of Education Policy 8120: Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

The Board of Education seeks to ensure the safety of students and employees of the district while on district property.

The Board and administrative staff, in cooperation with students and employees, will take reasonable measures to prevent accidents on the school premises, including the following:

1. immediately report any conditions involving equipment or buildings which may be dangerous to student or employee health or welfare;

2. immediately report any unsafe practices by anyone in the building or on the grounds;

3. provide proper notice of electronically operated devices and floorplans for proper egress;

4. advise personnel and students of the applicable speed limit on school grounds.

Formal objective investigations of all accidents are to be immediately conducted by the Building Principal and the results of the investigation are to be presented to the Superintendent of Schools in a written report. The results of selected investigations should be communicated to employees and students for the purpose of determining how the accident might have been avoided.

Eye Safety Devices

Eye safety devices shall be provided for all students, instructors and visitors who are engaged in or observing the use of materials or equipment which may potentially damage the eyesight of those involved. Such activities and materials are listed in Section 141.10 of the Commissioner’s Regulations. The Board directs the Superintendent to establish regulations for education in eye safety and for the wearing of appropriate eye safety devices.

Accident Reports

All accidents occurring in a classroom, on school property, or on buses, regardless of seriousness, must be reported to the school administration as promptly as possible. Accident reports are to be made out by the teacher in charge at the time of the accident. These reports may be obtained from the nurse, and he/she will assist the teacher in making out the report.

Adopted: February 26, 1996