Board of Education Policy 3320: Confidentiality of Computerized Information

The development of centralized computer banks of educational data gives rise to the question of the maintenance of confidentiality of such data while still conforming to the New York State Freedom of Information Law. The safeguarding of confidential data from inappropriate use is essential to the success of the District’s operation. Access to confidential computerized data shall be limited only to authorized personnel of the School District in accordance with Policy 5676 Privacy and Security for Student, Teacher and Principal Data, and NYS Education Law 2-D.

It shall be a violation of the District’s policy to release confidential computerized data to any unauthorized person or agency. Any employee who releases or otherwise makes improper use of such computerized data shall be subject to disciplinary action.

However, if the computerized information sought is available under the Freedom of Information Law and can be retrieved by means of existing computer programs, the District is required to disclose such information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, 20 USC Section 1232(g)

34 CFR Part 99

Public Officers Law Section 84 et seq.

Education Law 2-D

Policy 5676 Privacy and Security for Student, Teacher and Principal Data

Adopted January 7, 2019

Updated June 16, 2020