Niskayuna High School Hall of Fame Members

The Hall of Fame was established to commemorate the district’s 25th anniversary and to honor graduates who have distinguished themselves in a specific field of endeavor, in civic affairs, in humanitarian affairs, or in activities deemed by the Hall of Fame Committee to merit special recognition.

Inductees By Year


Dr. Christopher Loffredo, internationally-recognized cancer researcher and educator, tenured Professor of Oncology at the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center of Georgetown University in Washington, DC.


Colonel John G. Reilly, United States of America Career Special Forces Officer. Commissioned through the Saint Lawrence University ROTC program as an Infantry Second Lieutenant in 1986 and designated a Special Forces Officer in 1991. Class of 1982


Kate Fagan, a columnist and feature writer for and ESPN The Magazine, also a regular panelist on ESPN’S Around The Horn and can also be seen on Outside The Lines and E:60, Class of 1999


Brian Chesky, global entrepreneur who co-founded and is CEO of Airbnb, also known for his international outreach and charitable efforts, Class of 1999


U.S. Air Force Colonel Daniel Shoor, Chief of Medical Services at Randolph Air Force Base in Texas, leads research and development initiatives to enhance technological capabilities for air education training and command, Class of 1983


Gilbert King, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Class of 1980


Andre  Davis, professional athlete, philanthropist, humanitarian, Class of 1997


Richard S. Hartunian, United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York, highly regarded for law enforcement work in the areas of drugs, immigration, and organized crime, Class of 1979


Jack Faddegon, Small business owner, landscape designer, international humanitarian, Class of 1965


Gerard Gioia, Ph.D Chief of Pediatric Neuropsychology at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.; leading researcher in treatment and prevention of concussions in young people, Class of 1974


Heather Atkinson Mallozi, Malta town planner instrumental in preparation of Luther Forest campus for AMD computer chip manufacturing plan; Peace Corps volunteer, Class of 1989

Benjamin R. Doolittle, M.D. Pastor and medical doctor; assistant professor of internal medicine and pediatrics at the Yale University School of Medicine; Author, Class of 1986


Naren K. Shankar, Executive producer and co-showrunner of the international hit television series, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” Class of 1980


Mona J. Golub, Executive in family-owned supermarket corporation, well known for involvement in extensive civic and humanitarian causes, Class of 1982


Molly Fritz Miller, Geologist, Professor at Vanderbilt University, Class of 1965


Ronald L. Rivest, Cryptographer, Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 1965


Jonathan L. Haines, Ph.D. Leading Alzheimer’s Disease researcher; director of premier genetics research center, Class of 1975


Jo Anne Assini, Acting New York State Supreme Court Justice; Schenectady County Family Court Judge, Class of 1970


Stephen J. Haines, M.D. Professor and chairman, Dept. of Neurosurgery, Medical Univ. of South Carolina, Class of 1967


Amy Jaffee-Barzach, Humanitarian and founder of a charitable organization, Class of 1979


Vikram Byanna Akula, Manages a rural development organization that administers in the drought-prone region of Medak District, India, Class of 1986


Emily Langworth Peck, Ph.D. Taught social studies at the high school for 29 years. Well-liked and respected by her students and colleagues, Class of 1961


Cynthia H. Phillippe, Volunteer leader in the Niskayuna, Schenectady County and Capital District communities. Received numerous volunteer awards, Class of 1966


Katherine Herrick-Davis, Ph.D. Active researcher in pharmacology, doing work on chemical receptors in the brain, auto inflammatory drugs, and basic cancer research, Class of 1979


Daniel R. Plumley, Conservationist and ecologist of national and international repute. Leadership led to the creation of the 4-million-acre Oka Forest Preserve in Siberia, Russia, Class of 1977


Joan M. O’Brien, M.D. Surgeon, Director of Ocular Oncology at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center (specializing in eye cancer), Class of 1975


Deborah Gordon Mullaney, Community volunteer, Class of 1967


Commander Michael C. Beck, United States Navy, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Constitution, Class of 1972


Paul H. Wein, J.D. Local attorney, worked tirelessly to raise funds for childhood cancer research for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, Class of 1968


Joshua R. Seftel, Filmmaker, writer, producer; received more than 20 international awards for his films; in 1993 elected to the Board of Governors of the National Academy of Television and Sciences, Class of 1986


Police Chief Mark R. Sollohub, For his continued dedication to service and commitment to the citizens of the Town of Niskayuna, Class of 1966


Edward W. Doucet, M.D. Exemplary service to our community in treatment of the AIDS virus and those affected by it, Class of 1970


Kirsten Nelson Schaetzel, Ph.D. Humanitarian, teacher of English for impoverished women and families in Bangladesh, Class of 1977


Alison Liebhafsky DesForges, Ph.D. Humanitarian, scholar, activist, teacher, employed by U.S. State Department and “Africa Watch,” a Human Rights Group in Rwanda, Africa, Class of 1960


Henry J. Sommer, J.D. Dedication to providing free legal services to those unable to pay, Class of 1967


Michael N. Josselyn, Ph.D. Biology professor, expert on restoration and preservation of America’s wetlands, Class of 1968


Gary D. Connor, Law enforcement, community and high school activities, Class of 1969


Robert N. Ward, Musician; symphonic orchestra music, Class of 1973

Colin M. Angle, Works in artificial intelligence; “Robot Guru” of MIT, Class of 1985


First Lt. Vernon F. Hovey III (U.S. Army), Killed while serving his country, Class of 1964

PFC Richard W. Starkey (U.S. Marine Corps), Killed while serving his country, Class of 1965

First Lt. Robert S. Cragin, Jr. (U.S. Army), Killed while serving his country, Class of 1962


John J. Gatta, Jr., Ph.D., Scholar and poet in English and French; educator, humanitarian, Fulbright Scholar to Africa, Class of 1964


Louise Reid Ritchie, Ph.D., Clinical psychologist and found of “Gift of Reading,” Class of 1969


E. Richard Yulman, Humanitarian, businessman, supporter of civic and cultural activities; Founder of “Albany Dreamers,” which gave a free college education and school support to 97 sixth-graders, Class of 1964


Susan Muldowney Kirwan, Dedicated registered nurse, Class of 1963

Ronald R. Pressman, Corporate businessman; senior vice president at age 28, Class of 1976


David R. Rockwell, M.D. Chief of Infectious Diseases at Ellis Hospital; works with AIDS patients, Class of 1965


Priscilla J. Angelo, Ed.D. Distinguished college educator, who has traveled and studied throughout the world, Class of 1961

J. Williams Holt III, M.D. Physician of gastroenterology; great concern for others, Class of 1963


James C. Read, Actor who has received national recognition in the creative arts, Class of 1971

James Howe, Prominent author of children’s literature, Class of 1964


Susan L. Brainard, Field hockey coach and teacher, Class of 1963


Kevin Burns, Film maker and teacher, Class of 1973

David E. Wallender, Humanitarian; Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, Class of 1965

Sandra Sennett Tully, Humanitarian working with the needy; a United Nations Program Director in Thailand, Class of 1964

Jeffrey C. Blatnick, Athlete and humanitarian; 1984 Olympics Gold Medal in Greco Roman Wrestling, Class of 1975


William A. Schultz, Himself handicapped, assists in job placement of the disabled; President Carter named him a member of the Committee on Employment of Handicapped, Class of 1963

Steven J. Goodman, M.D. Plastic surgeon, Class of 1965

Patricia Del Monico, J.D. Career devoted to care of the handicapped. Masters in Business Administration, Social Work, a doctor of Jurisprudence Class of 1961

Keith W. Bedford, Ph.D.,  Professor and researcher in civil engineering, Class of 1963

Janis K. Timberlake, Peace Corps in Senegal, organized farming and food projects, Class of 1973


John M. Wozney, Ph.D. Biochemist, cancer in mammals research, Class of 1972

Vincent J. Reilly, Jr., J.D., Lawyer, Family Court Judge and community contributor, Class of 1960

Mark A. Lindquist, Sculptor and educator, Class of 1967

Bruce D. Jackson, Disabled while a senior at Niskayuna High School; amazing spirit; aids physically-handicapped with company he founded, Independent Living, Class of 1971

Wayne Hugo Green, M.D. Psychiatrist specializing in autism; grew up on land where Niskayuna High School is erected, Class of 1959