Open Enrollment and Self Selection

Honors and Advanced Placement programs are designed for students who demonstrate a high level of interest, aptitude and success in the subject matter.

Students who have not been recommended by the teacher or department for an Honors or AP course they wish to take may enroll in the course. In such cases, the student may request a “Self Selection Form” from his or her counselor. The form must be completed by the student and signed by the parent or guardian in order to complete the enrollment for that course.

Criteria for recommendation  for Honors and Advanced Placement Courses:

The student:

  • Works well independently; seeks help only when necessary; does not require detailed or repeated directions from teacher in order to proceed.
  • Is creative; can think of methods to try; or use original methods when faced with a problem or situation.
  • Readily applies learned principles to new situations; can solve novel problems; responds well to guided discovery.
  • Responds positively to challenging situations; shows persistence in searching for solutions; finds satisfaction in independently solving a problem rather than accepting another person’s solution or help.
  • Likes to analyze, generalize, derive, prove, abstract; to investigate relationships and alternative solutions.
  • Has a strong intuitive sense for the subject matter.Sorts out key relationships quickly.
  • Shows a high degree of interest and motivation; is intellectually curious and a critical thinker.
  • Has experienced high achievement in past courses without undue stress; has not depended heavily on rote learning or tutoring.
  • Shows above average ability in oral and written expression.
  • Ability to demonstrate long-term planning skills.

Adopted by the 2005-2006 Shared Decision Making Team from the College Board Advanced Placement Statistics List Serv.