High school can be a challenging place. Each student at Niskayuna High School is assigned a counselor to help navigate the difficulties and pave the way to graduation. Counseling assignments are based on grade and last name. Students can find their counselor and contact information below.

Karl SwisherKarl Swisher

Class of 2018: A – C, Han – Hon
Class of 2019: A – Ch, Hal – Har
Class of 2020: A – Con
Class of 2021: A – Da


Tim AlbaneseTim Albanese

Class of 2018: D – Hal
Class of 2019: Co – Hak
Class of 2020: Coo – Ha
Class of 2021: De – Ho


Nancy BusheeNancy Bushee 

High School Assistance Team 9
High School Assistance Team 10
Individualized Success Program
Ms. Best’s Students
Ms. Callahan’s Students

Mimi Hajjar
Mimi Hajjar

Class of 2018: K – Nem
Class of 2019: Hi – Mo
Class of 2020: He – Mer
Class of 2021: Hu – Mo


Anne-Marie HughesAnne-Marie Hughes 

Class of 2018: Hoo – J, Ner – Sa
Class of 2019: Has – He, Mu – Se
Class of 2020: Mes – Ri
Class of 2021: Mu – Sc


Leah WertzLeah Wertz 

Class of 2018: Sc – Z
Class of 2019: Sh – Z
Class of 2020: Ro – Z
Class of 2021: Se – Z
Skills Classes

Allison Nunez 
Allison Nunez 
School Social Worker




Renae SemioneRenae Semione




Michele HarlandMichele Harland
Clerical Assistant




Vince BianchiVince Bianchi
Student Activities Coordinator